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Underwater LED Lights

Underwater LED Lights Manufacturer

Colors Fountain is committed to providing the brightest, highest quality underwater LED lights on the market. Recent major advances in brightness and efficiency have now ensured that LED technology is the only choice for underwater lights, and we leads the way in developing that technology and bringing it to market. We are underwater lights experts and will continue to lead the lighting industry.

LED type:
Also affecting light output is the type of LED used in an underwater fixture. Here are three distinct types:

1. LEDs with a low wattage (0.5W - 1W per LED)
2. Power LEDs with a higher power (3W per LED)
2. High-Power Chip LEDs (15-35W per LED)

An underwater luminaire with low power LEDs can be identified by the large number of LEDs in the Luminaire, sometimes 50 to 100 per fixture. The low power does not allow high light output. Only luminaires with Power LEDs and High Power Chip LEDs have the capacity of reaching light outputs similar to 150W halogen underwater lights and higher. In this type of LED lights, sufficient cooling of the fixtures is necessary due the LEDs generating heat, which does not occur with low power LEDs.
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30R, Submersible Underwater Light
45R, Submersible Underwater Light
6W,Underwater Floor Mounted Light
30R, Submersible Underwater & Garden Spike Light
90R, Submersible Underwater Nozzle Mounted Light
96R, Submersible Underwater Spot Light
36R, Underwater Nozzle Mounted Power LED Light
45R, Submersible Underwater Niche Light
3W, Underwater & Garden Spike Light
6R-CF-FM, Submersible Underwater Light
3R-CF-FM, Submersible Underwater Light
18R-CF-FM, Underwater & Garden Niche Light
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