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What we offer

Musical Fountains

We design Musical Water Fountains with three water features, five water features, seven water features etc. It is easy to install with its beautiful look & charming music.

Outdoor Fountains

We provide various types of Outdoor Fountains for our clients that are specifically designed by our skilled & professional engineers and also offer demiurgic looks and assuaging sounds.

Indoor Fountains

Our Indoor Fountains creates aesthetic design for our Indoors. Our Indoor Fountains increases the beauty of a place. These fountains are easy to install, use & maintain.

Floating Fountains

A Floating Fountain is simply a fountain in a lake to float up and down as the water levels changes, that uses a pump and has some aeration benefits for the water.

Fire Fountains

Fire Water Fountain combines the elements of fire & water to create fantastic display for your outdoor & indoor. It comes with many different sizes & shapes.

Decorative Fountains

A Decorative Fountain is something like or a type of animated fountain. It creates aesthetic design for entertainment purposes. It produced three-dimensional effects.

Garden Fountains

We are the leading manufacturers of Garden Fountains. We are manufacturing a good quality Garden Fountain according to the customer’s requirements.

Lake Fountains

Lake Fountains are installed at places where water level is variable or water depth is prohibitive. Its apparatus includes a buoyant annular float having a central opening.

Intractive Fountains

We design Intractive Fountains which can be used to create variety off effects with almost any type of music. Its pattern created depend upon the music being played.

Fresh Water Fountains

We manufacture & supply wide variety of Fresh Water Fountain. It gives charming environment for your Indoors. Its water sound feels aesthetic for your Indoor.

Jumping Jet Fountains

We manufacture a supreme quality of jumping jet fountains. We design these fountains with latest technology and offer these in various sizes, shapes, designs with attractive and fascinating colors to our clients.

Ultra Fast Action Fountains

As the name suggests these fountains are super fast in their flow. They can shoot water jets at an interval of 1/10th of a second with the help of a PLC. Varied effects & patterns can be designed and developed as per requirement of client's.

Water Curtain Fountains

We offer wide variety of Water Curtain Fountain especially for your Indoors. Water Curtain Fountains are highly demanded fountain. These fountains are easy to install, easy to use & maintain. We have design Water Curtain Fountains according to customer needs. A special sensor fitted in Water Curtain Fountains through which these fountains are automatically gets shut off once someone passes by & again automatically starts when next person passes by.